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Welcome to Lanta Garden Hill Resort and Apartments

Lanta Garden Hill is a resort located on the southern island of Koh Lanta overlooking the Andaman Sea. We provide monthly resort and apartment service. Many of our accommodations are perfect for both short and long stay.

Select from a wide range of houses that provide relaxation with a private garden or apartments in a convenient area. Houses are located close enough to walk to shops, markets, restaurants and far enough to enjoy the calm garden surroundings.

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Enjoy our private beautiful garden surroundings along with the mountain breeze. Our houses provide many choices and are well suited for long-staying families.

Choose between a wide variety of houses, pool front, sunset view, inside kitchen and more.

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Our fully furnished apartments in different sizes provide comfort and privacy. Some of them have a magnificent view overlooking the Andaman sea. The apartments have big spacious rooms for dining, living and kitchen area, equipped for long stay.

Coffee Cup café located on the ground floor offers full-service breakfast. We also provide daily housekeeping. For your convenience you can check availability online at where all our apartments are listed.

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